Band Books

A page from Paul Motian’s 1981 Bandbook

1980 Fall Gig Itinery w/Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Pat Metheny, Paul Motian
First Part of a 2 month USA Tour

1981 Select Pages
Notes on developing new groups and sound, 1st rehearsals with Bill Frisell


Paul Motian Calendar August 1962

1957-1965 Select Pages
All club dates with Joe Castro plus other gigs, etc. for those months

1968 January-June
Charles Lloyd Tours plus others

1969 January-May
More Charles Lloyd, Keith Jarrett, Mose Allison, Charlie Haden


Page 1 of Paul Motian’s handwritten discography

Paul Motian’s Handwritten Discography Part 1/2
Very complete 1955-1989

Paul Motian’s Handwritten Discography Part 2/2
Very complete 1989-2010

Paul Motian’s Typed Discography
Edited by Paul Motian

Paul Motian’s Personal and Music Books
Pictures of the bookshelves

78 Records From Paul Motian’s Childhood Home

Example of Paul Motian’s teenage jazz collection

Images of the albums which were in the home Paul grew up in. His Aunt Maryam owned the tenement house on Tanner St. in Providence, RI and lived upstairs.  His Jazz records are the ones he left behind when he moved out on his own.

Paul Motian’s Jazz Records Part 1/2
Paul Motian’s Jazz Records Part 2/2
Paul Motian’s Parent’s Records
Paul Motian’s Aunt’s Records American
Paul Motian’s Aunt’s Records Armenian


Paul Motian’s Vanderbeek film notes

Stan Vanderbeek Letter & Film
Paul Motian wrote music for 2 experimental films

Motian Notes on Vanderbeek Film Music

Stan Vanderbeek’s PoemField No. 2 (1966) (with a free jazz soundtrack by Paul Motian)


Paul Motian Trio at the Public Theatre

Interview Links
Links to audio: Paul Motian Interviews

11/09/2006 WKCR Lennie Tristano Tribute
Each part is 1 hour 18 minutes long

2006 WKCR Lennie Tristano Tribute Part 1/3
Paul Motian interview is on the last 15 minutes

2006 WKCR Lennie Tristano Tribute Part 2/3
Ted Panken interviews Paul Motian thru the entire part

2006 WKCR Lennie Tristano Tribute Part 3/3
Paul Motian on the first part, Lee Konitz interviewed towards the end

Links to transcribed Paul Motian Interviews

Vinnie Sperrazza- 5 Awkward Conversations with Paul Motian

Ted Panken Interviews Paul Motian

Chuck Braman- Paul Motian Interview: Method of a Master

Chuck Braman- Paul Motian Interview II: Recordings & Reactions

Tunes Played Live By Paul Motian Transcribed by Chuck Braman

PDF format- for personal use only

Carnival (Paul Motian)

RE: Person I Knew (Bill Evans)

What Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter) Theme for Babylonians (Paul Motian)


1968 Oct 9 Charles Lloyd Quartet on ‘Mixed Bag’ WGBH Boston / Charles Lloyd sax, Ron McClure bass, Keith Jarrett piano, Paul Motian drums
1974 Interview with Paul Motian by Gerald Wilson on KBCM-FM show Jazz Capsule


Cassette Inventory

Cymbal Inventory

Motian Navy Papers

Motian Navy Band Photos

Composition Inventories

The Archive has a large collection of Paul Motian’s working compositions. Many pages are untitled but titled ones are noted in the Notes. The last page is unrecorded/unknown compositions. Most of these are included in the songbook Paul Motian Compositions Volume 2. Order here.

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