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  • Kikuchi: Mostly At Home

    Kikuchi: Mostly At Home

    Original Masabumi ‘Poo’ Kikuchi improvisational compositions from CDs he recorded at home and gave to Paul Motian. Most unreleased. Solo piano and with groups. Set List: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2024/06/kikuchi-mostly-at-home-030317.htmlPhoto: Masabumi ‘Poo’ Kikuchi © Abby Kikuchi courtesy ECM Records

  • The Northsea Jazz Festival 1992

    The Northsea Jazz Festival 1992

    The Paul Motian Trio with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell did a European Tour in the summer of 1992. The unreleased recording from July 11 at the Hague, Netherlands is featured on the show along with readings from Motian’s Notebook/Diary that he took on the tour. Set List & Podcast: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2024/05/the-northsea-jazz-festival-1992-011317.html Photo: Joe Lovano, Bill…

  • 1990 Live at Yoshi’s

    1990 Live at Yoshi’s

    The Paul Motian Trio with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano played on the US West Coast for the first time in Feb. 1990. The Yoshi’s concert was recorded and played on KPFA Public Radio. The show features these unreleased tapes and some other versions of the songs played there. The Storyteller is a particularly great…

  • 1369 Club Boston 1985

    1369 Club Boston 1985

    The show features an unreleased concert of the Paul Motian Trio with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell at the 1369 Club in Boston, MA on June 8, 1985. With readings from Motian’s 1985 Band Book. With my favorite version of Motian’s tune The Sunflower. Set List & Podcast: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2024/03/1369-club-boston-1985-031819.html Photo: Paul Motian, Joe Lovano, Bill…

  • Drums Tuning

    Drums Tuning

    Featuring a Paul Motian 1979 Rehearsal tape where he is composing new tunes on drums and piano and directing Charles Bracken on saxophone. Also some unreleased recordings of Paul Motian’s first Trio gigs with David Izenzon and Charles Bracken.Set List & Podcast: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2019/07/set-list-070819.htmlPhoto: Charles Brackeen and Paul Motian 1977  location unknown ©Richard Berner

  • 1977 Office Gig & Rehearsal

    1977 Office Gig & Rehearsal

    Featuring unreleased cassette recordings of the first Paul Motian Trio with Charles Brackeen and David Izenzon. A rehearsal tape and their likely first gig: an office party in Nyack, NY. The best office party music ever! With readings from Paul Motian’s autobiography: Chapter 1-1940. Set List & Podcast: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2024/03/1977-office-gig-and-rehearsal-031717.html Photo: Paul Motian (l) and friend…

  • Lament, Introduction, Syzygy and Fiasco

    Lament, Introduction, Syzygy and Fiasco

    Featuring mostly unreleased rehearsals of the Paul Motian compositions in the title in the 1980s including Motian working on the tunes on his piano. Set List & Podcast: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2018/09/set-list-091718.html Photo: Paul Motian on tour August 1980 photographer unknown c. Paul Motian Archive

  • Live At A-Train 1999: The Unreleased Set

    Live At A-Train 1999: The Unreleased Set

    In 1999, Ed Schuller, Joe Lovano and Paul Motian played at A-Trane in Berlin, Germany. The concert was recorded and released in 2009 on Tutu Records as Live At A-Trane: The Reunion Trio Serendipity. On this episode, I feature Set 1 of the concert which was not released on the album. Set List:https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2021/11/live-at-trane-1999-unreleased-set.htmlPhoto: Ed Schuller, Joe…