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  • 1977 Office Gig & Rehearsal

    1977 Office Gig & Rehearsal

    Featuring unreleased cassette recordings of the first Paul Motian Trio with Charles Brackeen and David Izenzon. A rehearsal tape and their likely first gig: an office party in Nyack, NY. The best office party music ever! With readings from Paul Motian’s autobiography: Chapter 1-1940. Set List & Podcast: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2024/03/1977-office-gig-and-rehearsal-031717.html Photo: Paul Motian (l) and friend…

  • Lament, Introduction, Syzygy and Fiasco

    Lament, Introduction, Syzygy and Fiasco

    Featuring mostly unreleased rehearsals of the Paul Motian compositions in the title in the 1980s including Motian working on the tunes on his piano. Set List & Podcast: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2018/09/set-list-091718.html Photo: Paul Motian on tour August 1980 photographer unknown c. Paul Motian Archive