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  • 1992 Paul Motian Recordings

    1992 Paul Motian Recordings

    1992-the year of the Monkey! The show features music recorded or released in 1992. Featuring the first Electric Bebop Band recording, On Broadway V3, Motian In Tokyo (live Trio with Lovano and Frisell), Live at the Deer Head Inn (with Peacock and Jarrett), Triangle (Tethered Moon trio with Peacock and Kikuchi), Flux and Change (duo…

  • On Broadway with Brian Jones PHD

    On Broadway with Brian Jones PHD

    On Broadway is this week’s podcast. Featuring music from Paul Motian’s 5 album series On Broadway (Winter & Winter Records). I want to thank my guest Brian Jones Adjunct Instructor of Jazz Percussion University of Richmond College of William & Mary and PhD Student, American Studies Program for helping out with the show.Set List: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/07/on-broadway-with-brian-jones-phd-081415.htmlPhoto: Some…