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  • Bailey/Motian Record Release

    Bailey/Motian Record Release

    Listening to the new album Bailey/Motian on Paul Motian’s stereo. It is amazing! Great transferring by Ian Greaves and mastering by Jim O’Rourke. Get it on Bandcamp https://frozenreeds.bandcamp.com/album/duo-in-concert Paul Motian and guitarist Derek Bailey played 2 freely improvised concerts as a duo in 1990 and 1991. Both were recorded and are released for the first…

  • Paul Bley

    Paul Bley

    A show featuring Paul Bley & Paul Motian who played together for around 50 years. The podcast was created shortly after Bley’s death in 2016. With readings from Bley’s autobiography, Stopping Time and the Paul Motian Archive. Set List:https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/11/paul-bley-010816.htmlPhoto: Paul Bley around 1990 photo: Paul Motian ©Paul Motian Archive

  • Live At Montpelier, France 1988

    Live At Montpelier, France 1988

    A great, unreleased recording of the classic Paul Motian Trio with Bill Frisell & Joe Lovano. Set List:https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/11/live-at-montpelier-france-nov-26-1988.htmlPhoto: Bill Frisell, Paul Motian, Joe Lovano On the Road around 1988 photographer unknown ©Paul Motian Archive

  • Selections From Paul Motian’s Vinyl Collection Part 2/2

    Selections From Paul Motian’s Vinyl Collection Part 2/2

    Paul Motian had a nice stereo system with a turntable. I play selections from his vinyl collection featuring many artists he was influenced by. With more readings from 1992/93 notebooks of Motian’s about music publicity & a great night of music with Bill Frisell & Joe Lovano. Set List:https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/11/selections-from-paul-motians-vinyl.htmlPhoto: Some vinyl from Motian’s collection ©Paul…

  • 1992 Paul Motian Recordings

    1992 Paul Motian Recordings

    1992-the year of the Monkey! The show features music recorded or released in 1992. Featuring the first Electric Bebop Band recording, On Broadway V3, Motian In Tokyo (live Trio with Lovano and Frisell), Live at the Deer Head Inn (with Peacock and Jarrett), Triangle (Tethered Moon trio with Peacock and Kikuchi), Flux and Change (duo…

  • Jeff Cosgrove Interview & Motian Sickness

    Jeff Cosgrove Interview & Motian Sickness

    Featuring drummer Cosgrove’s 2011 release Motian Sickness: For the Love of Sarah with John Hebert, Mat Maneri, Jamie Masefield and a 2015 live interview with Jeff Cosgrove. Set List: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/08/jeff-cosgrove-interview-motian-sickness.htmlPhoto: Jeff Cosgrove courtesy Jeff Cosgrove

  • Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden This week’s podcast features the Paul Motian Band ECM album Garden of Eden released in 2006. More readings from Paul Olson’s interview of Motian for All About Jazz in 2006. Set List: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/08/garden-of-eden-101615.htmlPhoto: Jerome Haris, Steve Cardenas, Chris Cheek, Tony Malaby,Jakob Bro  2006  photo: Robert Lewis  courtesy ECM Records

  • Alexandra Grimal: Owls Talk

    Alexandra Grimal: Owls Talk

    Alexandra Grimal: Owls Talk is this week’s podcast. In 2010, Alexandra Grimal released her album Owls Talk with Paul Motian, Gary Peacock and Lee Konitz. With readings from a 2006 Paul Motian Interview with Paul Olson.Set List: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/07/alexandra-grimal-owls-talk-100215.htmlPhoto: Lee Konitz, Gary Peacock, Alexandra Grimal, Paul Motian 2009 ©Jean-Louis Atlan courtesy Hote Marge Records

  • Trieste


    Trieste is this week’s podcast. Featuring the Paul Motian composition Trieste, recorded and rehearsed by Motian bands and others. Also his tune Story of Maryam.Set List: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/07/on-broadway-with-brian-jones-phd-081415.htmlPhoto: Paul Motian’s Composition Trieste

  • Joel Harrison Interview

    Joel Harrison Interview

    Joel Harrison Interview is this week’s podcast. A 2015 interview with jazz guitarist Joel Harrison who arranged Paul Motian compositions for his 2010 album “String Choir: The Music of Paul Motian” and established the now famous Alt Guitar Summit.Set List: https://jazzcloset.blogspot.com/2023/07/on-broadway-with-brian-jones-phd-081415.htmlPhoto: Joel Harrison, Paul Hanson, Brian Blade, Cuong Vu, Kermit Driscollphoto:  J. Quigley